Founded By Black Women

For Black, Indigenous, People of Colour (BIPOC) 



Black Female Funders was created by Black Female Entrepreneurs who turned their funding frustration into a Diverse Global Community of Partners (Pardners) creating
sustainability and networks.

Our idea came from our parents, who immigrated in the 1950s and 60s, and discovered credit services from banks were not easy to come by they found it almost impossible to access capital for investments, but pardner (Jamaican Partner) offered a valuable alternative to the traditional banking system.

We offer a much-needed resource for

**Black Female Entrepreneurs.

**Although our name is Black Female Funders, we are inclusive and welcome all that support our goals and mission.  We welcome all women of colour and everyone that identifies as a woman. 


What's coming to BFF in 2021



  • BFF Incubators & Accelerators

  • Investor Training & How to become a Black Female Funder (BFF) & Angel Investor

  • How to join our next Pardner/Lending Circle

  • Hear from Black Female Founders (BFF) & Black Female Funders (BFF)